Drag is waste. Reduce it.


So about that move to Movable Type…

What feels like a very long time ago, I had a plan. The plan was to migrate to Movable Type, a content-management system about which I had read many good things.

So last August, I downloaded Movable Type; I installed Movable Type; I bought a domain name; I configured Apache; I spent many hours messing with blueprint; and then, around mid-September, I stopped doing all of that. Why? Because time is a limited resource, and I decided to spend mine elsewhere. I decided that I enjoyed blogging a lot more than I enjoyed screwing around with HTML and CSS. And I decided that I wanted to spend as little of my life as possible interacting with (shudder) Apache.

Metaphorically stranded halfway between Blogger and Movable Type at that point, I abandoned the whole thing for a little while (as you may have noticed). And then this morning, spurred by who-knows-what, I made a bold leap: Tumblr. (“Bold” inasmuch as I'm not the last person to discover it.) Tumblr seems to offer about the right level of flexibility, and it lets me use my own domain name without having to run my own server. Setup took 15 minutes, and that was that. Oh, and it's pretty.

So there it is, folks — a fresh start.


  • Purpose: user-interface critique (ranting), among other things.
  • Justification: I use things; I have opinions; I have a blog.