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Down with the Duke

As you have no doubt heard, Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) has admitted to accepting bribes in excess of $2.4E6 in exchange for showing favoritism in the awarding of military contracts.

The whole debacle is summed-up nicely in this New York Times article.

In addition to losing his seat (actually, he stepped down, but what's the difference?), Cunningham will likely be subject to heavy fines and/or jail time. Not to mention the fact that no one will trust or respect him ever again.

Harsh? Yes. Deserved? Absolutely.

We give public servants the authority to make decisions on our behalf. This system is grounded in the fact that we trust public servants to use their power for the common good. Abuses of that trust undermine the system, are detrimental to the common good, and should not be tolerated.

To make matters worse, Cunningham "forgot" to report all that bribe money as income on his tax forms, so you can add the IRS to the long list of people who are angry with him.

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