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Asserting My Web-Design Prowess

OK, OK. I don't actually have much web-design prowess. But I'm working on it! This blogging thing has inspired me, and what that means for you, dear Reader, is that you should be expecting a blog re-design in the near future.

As I mentioned, I'm still in the "learning" stages of web design. I'm currently using my other web page as scrap paper, as it were, for my experimentation. Thus far, I've been doing all of my playing locally. From now on, though, I'll publish whatever I've got at the end of each day. For a preview of what's coming, or just for a chuckle, feel free to visit.

All that said, I should point out that this is more motivated by my desire to learn than because I feel a re-design is in order. As with my Tagging Initiative, the biggest changes will occur under the hood. I intend to keep the "look-and-feel" mostly the same, because, honestly, I quite like Blogger's templates. I just think it's time for me to take control.

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